Thursday, October 23, 2008  

Saving Rhinebeck for Another Day

I have, including today, 24 days left in the office. For the last month and a half, I have had literally NOTHING to do, and spent much of the day listening to NPR and knitting under my desk. With just over 5 weeks left to go, things may be a "little crazy" - just what I did NOT want. Although I now have the ability to go to my doctor and tell her that I think my health is suffering due to the work stress, and she needs to help me start my maternity leave a little early. After all, last time I went through a "crazy time" at work, I dropped almost 15 pounds and spent a lot of time crying when I got home. I obviously can't do that again - no job is worth jeopardizing the health of the Little Monster - especially a job that I don't want. To be fair, so far I've been very much on the periphery of the craziness - to the extent that I spent all day Tuesday at a worthless webinar, while other members of the group were pulling all-nighters. So I may very well be making a big fuss over nothing, and I may manage to dodge the craziness and get out of here without having to pull the "I'm 8 months pregnant and can't do this" card. (The kicker? They've named the potential project-from-hell "Operation Sunshine.")

ANYWAY, all of that was quite the long rant to explain why I'm saving my Rhinebeck post until later in the week - I have a feeling that I'll really REALLY need to remind myself of the glorious weekend in order to keep from running screaming from the building.

So let's jump ahead to Tuesday evening, when S and I engaged in some much-needed home improvement. (Nesting? Oh, HELL YEAH.) Our front door is lovely - it's the original from 60 years ago, and it has a large paned glass section that just makes the whole thing seem so friendly. Of course, it's a little TOO friendly when all of your neighbors can see you wandering around in your underwear because you really wanted a drink of water before bed. So we decided to replace the broken venetian blinds with a nice cream roman shade. Can anyone spot the source of the "fun" we had trying to position the blinds properly? I'll give you a hint... the cords from the blinds were REALLY long!

Fresh from her duties as assistant-blind-installer, Cricket turned to a MUCH more demanding task. See, I'm knitting coordinating chicken hats for S and the Little Monster. S really REALLY likes chickens, and once I saw the pattern in a Dale of Norway book, I knew the Little Monster needed one... and once S saw the pattern, he knew HE needed one. I figure that after they wear them a few times for photos, I can stuff them, sew up the bottoms, and make 2 very cute chicken dolls.

So yesterday I finished the Little Monster Chicken Hat, and needed a model (the Little Monster being unavailable for hopefully another few months). "Hmmmm," I thought, "Cricket has a pretty small noggin!"

She was not amused. So I gave up, and decided to take a picture of the chicken hat on the back of the couch instead.

Cricket, however, had not forgiven the attempted humiliation.

She was determined to destroy the chicken-interloper...

... and attempted to drag it off to "finish it" later.

Finally, thanks to the fortuitous intervention of some Trader Joe's canned cat food, I managed to take a picture:

... and even convinced S to "model" it.

So another project off of the "list"! And the second chicken hat, knit with worsted weight instead of sock yarn, is moving right along, as is the sheepie blanket. Perhaps, with luck and a little more of those lovely nesting hormones, I'll actually get through all of these projects!


1. Sew 3 baby bumpers for crib
2. Baby aran sweater
3. Baby Dale of Norway sweater
4. Socks for S
5. Chicken Hat for Little Monster (don't ask... really no rational explanation)

Almost Finished
1. Dad's Christmas Vest (cut steeks, neck and arm bands, sew in ends, block)
2. Sheepie Blanket (finish borders, assemble blanket)
3. Finally hem living room and dining room curtains
4. Chicken Hat for S

Haven't Started
1. Fingerless mitts for S
2. Shaun the Sheep mobile for Little Monster
3. Sew sleep sacks for Little Monster
4. Sew ring sling for Little Monster
5. Sew crib sheets for Little Monster


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