Friday, December 12, 2008  

Counting Down

So as of yesterday, I'm 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Hopefully this means the Little Monster is preparing for a timely entrance, because being 38 weeks pregnant is not at the top of my "most fun things ever" list! I'm currently fantasizing about some sort of spring-powered bed that will allow me to get up without looking remarkably like a large sea lion attempting to maneuver across land.

But at least, regardless of the Little Monster's timing, I've finished the 2008 Edition of Dad's Vest!!!

Ok, so technically it's not quite blocked. But in my defense, I was going to block it yesterday... but the weather was so nasty (low 40s and driving rain ALL DAY) that even Abby didn't want to go outside! And since the blocking board is in the shed, I decided it could wait.

Cricket concurred that the idea of "going outside" is entirely overrated, especially when there is a heat vent available!

I also whipped up a Little Monster hat... I was at Target stocking up the nursery with onesies and so forth when I thought to myself, "that sucks that they don't have any cute baby hats!" DUH! Sometimes pregnancy brain can be stunning in its stupidity. I'm a KNITTER. Why would I buy a hat?

Truthfully, though, I've been spending more time with the sewing machine than with the needles. I whipped up a super-cozy flannel and fleece blanket... it's 2 layers, so the flannel is paired with a layer of fleece on the back and vice-versa. It's very warm and cozy, and I'm hoping it'll come in handy for car rides and other outside times! I also made a ring-sling, and even practiced a bit with a big bag of rice as the "baby"... I think I'll get the hang of it! I still have to sew another crib sheet, another sleep sack, and a couple of pairs of baby pants... and then I think that's all I thought of. But the fabric store is right up the street, so no promises that I won't pick up more fabric!

And finally, I've been trying to finish the tree-decorating. I have one more round that I'll hopefully finish tonight, and then we'll be done! As you can see, I get a LOT of help from my crack team of tree decorators...

Abby also moonlights as a "cookie decoration supervisor." Apparently, she thinks I'm incapable of glazing sugar cookies by myself!

I guess she does have a point - that huge tummy keeps me from getting as close to the counter as I'd like!

I glazed cookies with red and green glazes for Christmas. S got his hands on teh food coloring and made his own "special" color...

Somehow, he thought that the addition of sprinkles would improve his "oil spill man" cookie...

Luckily, though, it still tasted good. And yes, he WAS that little kid who always ended up with the brown easter eggs because he dipped them into way too many colors...

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