Tuesday, December 02, 2008  


After a lovely Thanksgiving, I celebrated my new freedom from the job-I-hate by getting thoroughly sick. I had such a horrible sore throat on Sunday that I was seriously contemplating asking S to just go ahead and club me over the head. It didn't help that I couldn't take any medicine since so few things are "Little Monster Approved." Luckily, yesterday and today have seen marked improvements, although the Little Monster is apparently training for an interpretive dance competition. The intense rehearsals in the middle of the night have been, ummmm, challenging. Especially that little move I've nicknamed "play mommy's ribs like a xylophone with your feet."

Plus, yesterday we splurged and had a cleaning crew come for a complete de-furring of the house. It looks amazing, and was such a great way to shift into "Little Monster Arrival" mode! Abby and Cricket are rather upset that all of their insulating fur deposits were summarily removed, and have been attempting to re-coat every surface with fur as quickly as they can. What team players!

S realized that I hadn't taken a picture of him and his new saw when we were building our "drawer-holding box"- so we staged a picture. At what point to boys stop playing with toys and substitute power tools? Because S was so excited to buy his new saw that it reminded me of a little kid going to the toy store...

Abby, meanwhile, tried to make me feel better on Sunday by stealing a rice cake from S (ok, he actually gave it to her), and then running upstairs and "hiding" on the bed. I was minding my own business when suddenly a rice-cake-carrying doggy hops up on the bed as if it's the most natural place to have a snack! You can tell that we're real disciplinarians and NEVER let any of the fuzzles on the bed....

Cricket, meanwhile, had her own job to do. After, ummmmm, nearly 10 months of having un-hemmed curtains in the living and dining rooms, I finally got around to hemming them. Things took just a smidge longer than I thought, however, due to the following "technical difficulty"...

Having trouble seeing what was preventing me from finishing the ironing? How about a close-up:

What a helpful kitty.

And the best present a tired, pregnant lady can get? How about home-made soup, full of yummy veggies and awesome flavors like coconut milk, tamarind, red chilis... and, best of all, made by the hubby? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


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