Monday, December 08, 2008  

Not Dead Yet

Wow - this has been quite the cold. I've finally turned the corner and can see the prospect of "feeling better" on the horizon, but it's pretty sad when the highlight of my recovery thus far was the fact that, last night, I only woke up coughing uncontrollably ONCE, and I was actually able to kinda sleep on my side for a few hours instead of sleeping sitting up.

But the Little Monster is doing just fine, and only seems to be mildly annoyed by all of the bouncing it experiences during the various coughing fits. At least I'm hopefully getting the nasty cold of the season out of the way while the Little Monster is safely in utero... and hopefully I'll avoid repeat cold performances once the Little Monster arrives!

So poor S, who has been putting up with the unbelievable sexiness that is a 9 month pregnant Snot-a-saurus, also got to put up with me busting out the Christmas decorations. We bought our happy little tree, and I've made some pretty good progress on the decorating - it'll probably take me most of the week to get everything set up since it takes me forever to get up from the floor when I put an ornament on the lower part of the tree! You can see that I had help from a motivated and talented team of furry supervisors... Cricket really loves to help, shall we say, test the integrity of the ornament-attachment methods, and Abby likes to nap.

In between all of the coughing, not much knitting has been accomplished. I have a date with my dad's vest momentarily, and hope to finish that up today and get it blocking. I have, however, been busting out the sewing machine.

I found instructions for sewing a sleep sack online that suggested using a baby outfit as a guide to cut out a pattern. I don't have much in the way of clothing for the Little Monster as of yet, so I pulled out the 3 month size outfit I did buy to use as a model...

Any guesses as to why I couldn't resist buying this particular outfit?

With the puppy-feet outfit firmly in hand, I set forth to attack my new fabric stash... the 2 printed flannels are destined to become sleep sacks and little blankets, the fabric on the far right will become a ring-sling, and the fabric on the left will either become additional crib sheets, or will head to the fabric stash for some to-be-determined use.

I also got to fire up my new toy... I managed to break the bobbin-winder on my sewing machine, and thought I would have to track down a sewing machine repair shop and beg someone to fix it. Since it's cold outside, and I'm sick, and I'm a wuss, I really didn't relish the idea of driving all over town in a possibly futile attempt to compensate for my own stupidity in breaking my machine. Luckily, that morning had brought an advertising email from the local fabric store advertising the following product for $20... SCORE!

So, all pieces in place, I got to it. First, I used some stash fabric to cut out a pattern.

Then, I carefully pressed my flannel, cut out the pattern pieces, and put the freshly ironed flannel to the side for a later project. Bad idea, thanks to a helpful kitty...

About an hour or so later, and I was done... I can't believe how cute this is!!! And sheepies!! (I know, you're shocked.)


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