Thursday, December 18, 2008  

Riding the Nesting Wave

Everyone send "Little Monster Eviction" vibes this way... I'm trying to convince it that a birthday BEFORE Christmas is so much better than a birthday AFTER Christmas. The wonderful folks at Knit Happens all made very encouraging noises last night, complete with testimony about people who have birthdays on either side of the holidays. So, Little Monster, any time now!!

In the meantime, I'm just continuing to "get things done" thanks to the wonderful world of nesting. I finally dug out my "mending basket" and sewed up everything in it - many of the items had been languishing for well over a year! Poor Shawn - he had almost forgotten he owned the shirt and sweater that had been hanging out in the basket.

In the process, I found a pair of socks I finished about a year ago...

... another pair of socks I finished months ago, but didn't bother to weave in the ends...

... a lovely feather-and-fan scarf knit out of the most amazing handspun from Carolina that I wore all day yesterday, even though I was kinda hot and had to change into a t-shirt...

... and a pair of socks that I knit SEVERAL years ago, and then overdyed with kool-aid. I'm toying with overdying these so they're not quite as, ummm, bright, but then again... I'm not sure I care!

So after that whirlwind of productivity, I sewed the last crib sheets and the final little sleeper sack... today or tomorrow I'll finish the sewing by whipping up a few pairs of little pants for the monster, and then I'll put away the sewing machine in preparation for the arrival of the in laws, who apparently need to sleep somewhere, and don't really want to have to step over all of the crafting supplies I've got in the basement!

Oh, and while I was at it, I took a picture of S' fingerless mitts. I swear I ended up knititng these about 15 times to get the fit right, but what's the point of custom-knitting something if you don't get it right? And yes, they are Cormo... but less than half a skein. I didn't go crazy and knit him a Cormo sweater or anything!

Today I'd like to bake cookies, finish up my thank you notes, and get my weekly doctor's appointment out of the way. I'd also love to keep updating my Ravelry projects (lots of old projects to add), go through photos, and all sorts of other stuff... so hear that, Little Monster? I have PLANS! Your arrival will mess up those PLANS! So it would be INCONVENIENT for you to come now! (I'm totally not above using reverse psychology on my unborn child).

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