Monday, January 19, 2009  

Quite a Week

Dear Sleep,

I miss you. Hope to see you soon. Please visit Baby A.

Love, Maeve

Yeah - lots of late nights over chez-Musings... and not too much in the way of sleeping at night. Apparently Baby A didn't get the memo that she should only need to eat every 3 hours or so... she's eating and growing like CRAZY!

This week, she got her eyes working well enough to see the Snoopy toy that the crazy mommy person keeps waving in front of her face... of course, little-miss-one-track-mind tried to nurse on Snoopy's nose a few minutes later. (She also tried to nurse on Abby during a snuggle today - Abby was NOT pleased!)

She also (barely) made it to Late Night, where she was immediately snuggled by the Irregulars. There may have also been a tiny incident where Auntie Elspeth tried her best to lead Baby A astray... (try the cashmere, and the silk... all of the babies are doing it...)

And Ann gifted Baby A with the cutest little koigu sweater... she's not quite big enough to fit into it properly yet, but any day now...

Speaking of sweaters, here's a modeling shot of Baby A in the Baby Surprise sweater Elspeth made her... it gets so many compliments! We bundled up on Saturday morning (temps below 10 degrees!) and walked to the local coffee shop for theneighborhood parents group meeting - our first!

Since it was so cold, we went all out on the hand-knits... she wore socks, mittens, a sweater, and, of course, a chicken hat! She was not particularly fond of the mittens, since she likes to stick her hands in her mouth, and wool tends to get in the way...

But eventually, we were all decked out and ready to go (don't worry, I snuggled her up in a nice fleecy/flannel blanket before we ventured outside!)

And yes, S wore his matching chicken. They were tres adorable.

We are most definitely NOT venturing downtown tomorrow... in fact, given our proximity to a metro station, we aren't even leaving the house (at least by car) for fear of losing our parking permits. But (sleep schedule permitting), we'll watch on TV as history is made, and we'll be hoping, along with the rest of the nation, that the next four years fulfill our collective dreams of greatness.

And if I fall asleep during the Oath, there's always You Tube, right?



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